How to Buy our Beef

  • Pay Your Deposit

    You reserve a D&A Farms bulk beef order today by leaving a deposit. We then reserve one of our premium all natural angus steers for your family. 

  • We Raise Your Beef

    We raise your reserved animal with integrity preserving the highest quality for your family. When ready our USDA certified butcher will process your beef and pack it in individual vacuum sealed packages.

  • Free Shipping to Your Doorstep

    We will send you an invoice to collect the rest of the payment minus your deposit, and ship your beef frozen free of charge for customers in CO, WY, UT, SD, ND, KS, OK, NM & AZ directly to your doorstep!

D & A Farms

D&A Farms is a family owned and operated business. Owners, Dennis and Ann Hammond were born and raised in Southwest Kansas. Dennis has worked as a farmer and rancher all his life... cont.

About Us
  • “We tried our beef for the first time tonight. Oh my, incredible! Nice job! Definitely put us down for next year.” - Debra O

  • “D&A Farms sells some of the best beef bundles. Don’t care if it’s cold grilling is all year long in my books.” - Mary B

  • “Thanks for providing such good meat. It is delicious.” - Barb R

Frequently Asked Questions


What does Quality and Integrity mean to you?

We only sell beef that is top quality and humanely raised to our customers. You can trust that our cattle are raised and harvested with premium standards to ensure that our customers are getting the most flavorful, juicy and tender beef possible. If we wouldn’t feed it to our family, we definitely won’t sell it to you or your family. 

How are your cattle raised?

Our cattle are raised on mountain pasture located on the Western Slope of Colorado. They are finished on high quality grain and alfalfa/grass hay. At 18-20 months of age, our cattle are finished and ready for the processor. This is the optimal age for tender and flavorful beef.  The younger the steer the more tender the meat. 

How do you define natural raised?

Our natural beef are raised on pastures with no added hormones or antibiotics. They are handled with low stress to keep them calm which produces better quality meat. 

How can I order your beef?

You can shop our beef online here. And orders are available for pickup, local delivery, and shipping to your home.

Proud Sponsors of Rice County Fair/4-H and FFA